As a child, every night was Christmas Eve during Carnival Season. Many of my best childhood memories revolved around Mardi Gras.

Visiting the float barn and tearing up Dad’s float before his parade became an annual adventure. I lived for a parade and was a feisty spectator when a banana moon pie took flight off a float.  Nevertheless, my favorite element of Mardi Gras was the process of buying the family throws. My father was a purist, chocolate moon pies and caramel corn were his throws of choice.  My Mother liked to be on the fringe, throwing odd trinkets and different flavor moon pies.

I enjoyed the hunt for these throws. In adulthood, I joined several societies and tried to find more throws on the fringe.

My friends and I found some footballs that turned into my “signature” throw.  Over the years, I bought more and more footballs for friends and acquaintances. The footballs and several friends convinced me to follow my greatest passion, Mardi Gras.

Please stop by and visit our convenient 15,000 square foot location and peruse my extensive inventory. I’d love your own ideas for an up and coming fringe throw.

Of this I promise:  No one in this business thinks about or loves Mardi Gras as much as Michael Druhan.

Just ask any of my friends.

Have a safe and joyful Carnival Season!!



Michael Druhan
Rock The Float